Created in January 2008 by the Government of the State of Sao Paulo, The São Paulo Dance Company (SPDC) is directed by Inês Bogéa, doctor of arts, ballet-dancer, documentary maker and writer.

Throughout this period, the Company has been seen by an audience of more than 764,000 people in different countries (Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Paraguay, Switzerland, the United States of America, Uruguay, Mexico), experiencing approximately 150 cities, totaling more than 1,000 performances. The Company has a varied repertoire, ranging from classical to contemporary. Recognized by specialized critics as one of the main dance companies of Latin America, since its creation, the Company has produced more than 65 choreographies, including commissioned new works* of important names of international dance like Edouard Lock, Richard Siegal and Marco Goecke, and Brazilian choreographers, as Rodrigo Pederneiras, Henrique Rodovalho e Jomar Mesquita; and restages** of works from Jirí Kylián, William Forsythe, George Balanchine, Nijinska, Nacho Duato among others.

In just 13 years, the Company has received thirty awards and nominations, as the Grand Prix de la Critique 2018/2019 award in the category of Best Dance Company in the season in France and Critic’s Choice of Dance Europe 2018/2019 award, indicated as one of the Best Dance Company in the season in Europe (Inês Bogéa was also indicated as one of the Best Director of Company Dance in the same nomination). The Gütesiegel 2016/2017 award in the category of Best Performance of the Year and The Best Dance Company by popular vote in Gutersloh (Germany). With the choreography The Seasons, Édouard Lock was the winner of Grand Prix de la Danse de Montréal, in 2016, for his career and the creation of this work for the São Paulo Dance Company. In Brazil, the Company has conquest important awards as Best Dance Performances by APCA (Art Critics Paulista Association) and Folha de São Paulo and Revista Veja, two of the main Brazilian newspaper and magazine.

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SPDC searches for a connection with the audience by curiosity and perception of the dance world in motion. The programs show the variety of the repertoire of SPDC and the dynamics of Brazilian dancers. The dancers are versatile and able to move from classical to contemporary dance with a particular accent. The Company is a meeting place of distinct artists – such as choreographers, light designers, photographers, guest lecturers, restagers, writers, artists, cartoonists, musicians, costume designers and others.

The Educational and Audience Awareness Programs, another strand of action of SPDC, are divided into: Lecture For Educators, in which we have the opportunity to dialogue about the backstage of this art; Dance Workshops, a meeting to experience the daily life of the dancers; Open Performances for Students and Senior Citizens, in which the proposal is to see, hear and perceive the dance world; Programs focus on social institutions and organizations aimed to take the dance culture to different audiences and spaces; Dança em Rede (Dance Network), an online dance encyclopedia on the Company’s website and a series of 35 documentaries about the History of Dance in Brazil.


*Commissioned works: Madrugada (Antonio Gomes); Rococo Variation (Stephen Shropshire); Anthem (Goyo Montero); Vai (Shamel Pitts); The Death of the Swan (Lars Van Cauwenbergh); Trick Cell Play and The Seasons (Édouard Lock); Odisseia (Jöelle Bouvier); Peekaboo (Marco Goecke); O Sonho de Dom Quixote (Márcia Haydée); La Sylphide , Black Swan Grand Pas des Deux, Le Spectre de La Rose and The Swan Lake, (Mario Galizzi); Romeo and Juliet and Ballet Pulcinella, (Giovanni di Palma); Six Odd Pearls (Richard Siegal); Inquieto and Melhor Único Dia (Henrique Rodovalho); Instante (Lucas Lima); Bachiana N°1 (Rodrigo Pederneiras);Mamihlapinatapai and Ngali… (Jomar Mesquita); Agora and GEN (Cassi Abranches); Litoral (Mauricio Wainrot); Bernstein 100 (Erika Novachi and Edson Guiu); Schumann ou Os Amores do Poeta (Cassi Abranches and Milton Coatti); Mira (Milton Coatti); Petrichor (Thiago Bordin); Suíte Raymonda (Guivalde de Almeida); Pivô (Fabiano Lima); Epiderme (Binho Pacheco); Céu Cinzento and Primavera Fria (Clébio Oliveira); Bingo! (Rafael Gomes); Vadiando (Ana Vitória); Utopia ou O Lugar Que Não Existe (Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni); Azougue (Rui Moreira); Pormenores (Alex Neoral); Os Duplos (Maurício de Oliveira); Passanoite (Daniela Cardim); Ballo (Ricardo Scheir) Entreato (Paulo Caldas); Polígono (Alessio Silvestrin)

**Restagings: Les Sylphides (Chopiniana) (Ana Botafogo); Só Tinha de Ser com Você (Henrique Rodovalho); Serenade, Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux and Theme and Variations (George Balanchine); Sechs Tänze, Petite Mort, Indigo Rose and 14´20” (Jirí Kylián); In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated and Workwithinwork (William Forsythe); Gnawa and Por Vos Muero (Nacho Duato); Supernova and Firebird Pas de Deux (Marco Goecke); Les Noces (Bronislava Nijinska); Prélude à l’après-midi d´un Faune (Marie Chouinard); Legend (John Cranko); Ballet 101 (Eric Gauthier); Suite For Two Pianos (Uwe Scholz); Love Fairy Pas de Deux  and Carmen Pas de Deux (Marcia Haydée); Talisman Pas de Deux (Pablo Aharonian); The Nutcracker Grand Pas de Deux  (Marius Petipa e Lev Ivanov); Don Quixote Grand Pas de Deux and Le Corsaire Grand Pas De Deux (Marius Petipa)